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      Gas Power Plant

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      Gas power plant

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      Gas power plant:

      The main component of gas is methane. When the concentration of methane reaches 5%-16% in the air, it explodes on the condition of meeting the direct fire. This is the basic reason of gas explosion accidents in coal mines. Using electricity which generated with gas in coal mines can effectively solve the coal mine accidents, improve production conditions of the coal mine’s safety. It also benefits increasing clean energy supply and reducing greenhouse gas emissions so we can prove both our resources and the environment.


      Shanxi JingHui Wanfeng 4.2MW Low Concentration Gas Power Generation Project is invested constructed and managed by our company. This project selects six Zichai 800D/W low concentration gas generating units equipping bootstrap system. The power generated meets the needs of Wanfeng coal mine. The project has been running since may 2015.