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      Edo State Governor visits CCETC-Ossiomo Power Plant Project

      Time:2019-01-03 Browse:1028

            On January 2, 2019, Edo State Governor - GodwinObaseki visited the 55 Megawatts CCETC-Ossiomo Power Plant as the facility prepares to commence operation. Director of CCETC Clean Energy/Ossiomo PowerPlant - Dr. Uwa Igiehon and the relevant staff accompanied this visit.


            After inspecting the construction progressand the equipment of the power plant project, Governor Obaseki expressed his acknowledgement of the project, The 55MW gas power plant of CCETC-Ossiomo Power Company willeffectively alleviate the pressure of Edo state's long lack of electricity energy.


            Director, CCETC-Ossiomo Power Company – Dr.Uwa Igiehon said the 55MW power plant is a joint venture between CCETC and Ossiomo Power Company in Edo State. The electricity generated by the project would be delivered to light up government offices and blocks around the Sapele Roadof Benin City, we shall further provide assurance of steady power supply in EdoState and to improve the quality of life for local citizens.