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      Mr Liu Guangyan is selected into “Wuxi Taihu Lake Talent Plan”

      Time:2018-12-25 Browse:542

      On December 24, 2018, Wuxi municipal leading group office of talent work issued a formal document, confirming that Liu Guangyan(General manager assistant of our company) is selected into “Wuxi Taihu LakeTalent Plan” in the year of 2018 and awarded as senior management personnel.

      "Wuxi Taihu Lake Talent Plan" is to further optimize the environment of Wuxi talent development, encourage enterprises toactively cultivate and introduce more competitive talents, create new heights forthe development of modern industry, and accelerate the economic transformation and upgrading. Through various procedures, including recommendation and declaration of each organization, qualification examination, experts review,on-site review and online publicity, a total of 78 people were identified as seniormanagement personnel of “Wuxi Taihu Lake Talent Plan” in 2018.

      CCETC isstriving to become the global leading clean energy supplier. Meanwhile, our companyis constantly strengthening and optimizing the construction of talent team aswell, we will furnish a stage for every employee to realize their career dream.