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      CCETC signs Contracts — “Industry-University-Research Cooperation” with Universities

      Time:2018-11-28 Browse:557

           On November 27,Liangxi Districtheld science and technology policy publicity and industry-university-research cooperationsigning conference. Our company has signed a contract with China Universityof Mining and Technology, which is based on the project “Gas generationcapacity of organic matter in livestock waste and process optimization”. Thisproject will carry out research on composition of raw material, physical-chemical properties of required rawmaterial, bacteria source efficiency, key control factors of anaerobicfermentation and other aspects, so as to provide technical support for biogaspower generation project.

           Meanwhile, ourcompany has reached technical cooperation with Central South University for technicaldevelopment about "directed hydrolysis mechanism of incomplete digestionof organic matter from livestock manure and process study".

           This cooperationwith the universities can provide technical support for biogas power generationprojects, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievementinto real productivity.