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      JIANGSU COMMUNICATION CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO,.LTD is a new energy company founded in May 2017 under Wuxi Passenger Transport Group Co., LTD, specialized in the manufacturing of high-end gas power generation equipment and distributed power plant investment,construction, and operation and maintenance service.

      In the domestic market, CCETC mainly focuses on the regions or enterprises with prominent environmental problems, invests in the construction of power generation projects of comprehensive utilization of garbage and biomass, realizes the transformation of wastes into assets, improves the local environment, and promotes the recycling economy, renewable energy and clean energy power generation technology. In the international market, CCETC focuses on the “One Belt and One Road” to develop power market in developing countries such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and closely cooperates with large-scale Chinese-funded enterprises going out to engage in overseas construction to invest in the construction of gas and oil power plants, which can relieve the local power shortage problem.

      CCETC attaches great importance to technology development and industrial chain extension, has gradually established a full-process power plant business platform integrating project investment, project design, research and development, construction, operation and maintenance. The subordinate generator set factory is the world's first authorized OEM factory of high-end gas engine brand manufacturer MWM (Mannheim).

      CCETC has experienced and outstanding technical, management and operational talents. According to customer demand, we can quickly provide gas and oil generator sets covering various purposes, and provide various solutions such as silent type, container type, smart parallel power plant, high voltage generator set, cogeneration power plant, etc. Through continuous improvement of production, manufacturing safe, efficient, and easy-to-use products, let customers enjoy higher value.

      CCETC will be adhering to the "heritage, innovation, value" concept, to improve customer satisfaction as the business goal, and committed to becoming a globally competitive clean energy service provider.